Airfoil Schematics

The secret power behind Airfoil CLI is Airfoil Schematics, a collection of opinionated templates that come in a few different flavors.


A minimalist app built on Axios and the Context API.


COMING SOON - A bare-bones implementation of Redux (using Redux Toolkit) and REST.


A turbocharged starter-kit using Apollo Client and GraphQL.

Common Built-In Features

All templates have some common libraries baked into them such as React Navigation and React Native Config.

  • Sane Prettier Defaults
  • Typescript enabled by default
  • Opinionated Directory Structure
    └── app/
    ├── components/
    ├── hooks/
    ├── navigation/
    ├── screens/
    ├── services/
    ├── utils/
    ├── App.tsx
    ├── constants.ts
    └── global.d.ts
  • ErrorBoundary already set up
  • First React Navigation route already set up
  • React Native Config hooked up to load .env vars into app/constants.ts